Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hebei Zhonghe Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Here is another idiot in China.

Hebei Zhonghe Import and Export Co., Ltd.
Robert Guo

Wang Tiger

2014/08/11 11:54 "guoRobert" <>:
Dear friend Shin Mitsuda
         Good day, hope everything is going well to you.
my name is Robert ,from Shijiazhuang atop importing and exporting company,
my friend told me you are interested in Aluminum Ingots. we can supply it in
better price, hope we can have good cooperation .
         if you are still interested in Aluminum Ingots,please kindly give me a reply
for details, thanks!


Hebei cangzhou city zhonghe importing and exporting company.

From: guoRobert []
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 9:59 AM
To: Shin MitsudaTotal Planner
Subject: From Robert to Shin Mitsuda-about the LME registered Aluminum Ingot

Hi Shin Mitsuda
      Good day, my brother "seaman zhang" referred you,
you have arrange SGS to do inspection,and talked about the
quality of Aluminum Ingots.
      Yes we sell LME registered Aluminum Ingot, purity 99.7%.
is this ok to you ?

From: guoRobert []
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 5:07 PM
To: Shin MitsudaTotal Planner, Inc.
Subject: From Robert to Shin Mitsuda-about the products

Dear friend  Shin Mitsuda
         Good day,my brother told me you send E-mail to him
to confirm this ,he can not tell so much because of his job and duty.
he is not my direct relative brother, but we know each other well.
         I want to be honest  to you, this is the first step in business,
my company is a trading company, I can find good quality Aluminum Ingot
and Tin Ingot, the web is under construction.
         so please let me know your questions if you want to know more, I like
to be honest to you.


My question to Guo...
From: Shin Mitsuda/Total Planner []
Sent: Friday, August 15, 2014 3:01 PM
To: guoRobert
Subject: Re: From Robert to Shin Mitsuda-about the products

If you know Seaman well, you must know his cell phone number. Tell me the number.
Shin Mitsuda
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2014/08/21 12:45 "WangTiger" <>:
Dear Shin Mitsuda,
Im Business Manager of cangzhou zhonghe import and export co.,ltd. in China. Our salesman Robert contacted you and caused you some misunderstanding, which he reported to me today. In China, we often refer to those with whom we get along well as gemen (buddy) instead of brother and Robert only wanted to use a misconception to express the familiarity with Seaman.Zhang. In reality, we only talked with Zhang about quality problems of Aluminium Ingots when we went to SGS for test but no more than that.We are in connection with a number of corporations in America, Germany, Algeria, Southeast Asia and in our business, what we depend on is not a connection with someone but quality and credibility.
   I express my sincere apologies about Roberts conduct. The deal is peripheral to credibility and I have advised my company to punish him.
   If your company wishes to continue to know our products, I will play host to you in person. If the deal breaks down, we desire anotherchance.
   Friendship first, Business second.

Best Regards
cangzhou zhonghe import and export co.,ltd.

From: WangTiger []
Sent: Monday, August 25, 2014 7:06 PM
To: Shin MitsudaTotal Planner
Subject: RE: About aluminium ingots and my salesman

We have a holiday two days ago,so I don't have to email you back in time.
Yes, Robert doesnt know Seaman. He wants to get more commission through this order . We have punished him.
My company website is being updated. I will tell you address of my latest website after fixed it.
Todays price based on CIF Busan for Aluminum Ingot 99.7% is USD $3425 per ton.(containing 30% of the tariff).
Cost will be increased if the payment term is L/C.
1.      Payment term: 30% TT in advance and the balance against with the copy of B/L
2.      Delivery time : have products in stock
3.      Validity are 3 days.
4.      The price is based on actual weight.
PACKING: Standard export packing.

Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 17:38:45 +0900
Subject: Re: About aluminium ingots and my salesman
Seaman told me that he did not tell about my company to Robert. Seaman alsi said he doesn't know Robert.
I have Seaman's cell phone number but Robert doesn't. I don't understand why Robert is lying.
Let me know your company website URL.
What is your price based on CIF Busan for Aluminum Ingot 99.7%, LME Registetd?
Shin Mitsuda
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I really understand what these idiots are saying.

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