Monday, September 2, 2013

Certified FAKE seller: Qingdao Tianshan Metal Co. Ltd.

Stay away from Qingdao Tianshan Metal Co. Ltd.

Hi friend,

Hope you have a nice day!

We products raw chemical materials with high quality & very competitive price for many years in China. We have passed ISO9001:2008.For our excellent product quality and good after-sales services, we have won the trust of our customers both at home and abroad.

If you have any need ,please contact us. I would like to offer our latest prices to promote an opportunity to cooperate with each other.

Best Regards and thanks,

Business manager
Qingdao Tianshan Metal Co. Ltd
Add:No.37 Donghai West Road Shinan Distric Qingdao City

Dear purchaser:

Have a good day!

Glad to get your infro from net and learnt you are also do busines  copper wire ,so for the letter to see if we have any chance to do some deal for our mutual benifit!

We are expoter of copper wire from China,and we also have a high reputation for for high quality goods and competitive price.

If you have any demand please contact us at your free time we will give you our best offer!

Look farward to your early reply!


MISS Rebecca 
ADD:No.37 Donghai West Road Shinan District Qingdao City
TEL:0086 0532 80914117
FAX:0086 0532 80914117

Hi Sir,

Glad to hear that you're on the market for 
Copper scrap. We specialize in this field for several years, with good quality and pretty competitive price.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Tks & br,


Qing dao Tian shan Metal Co., Ltd


Dear friend,
Nice to meet you.

I'm  Martina  from Qingdao Tianshan Metal Co.,Ltd.
We know you from the internet.and also we can supply the product of Copper wire Scrap   that you are demand.
We have a great advantage on bothquality and price .also the timely delivery base on our factory quality manage and control system.

i have visit your website,i don't want to lost the good customers like you,so hope we can have opportunity to cooperation.
your reply will make you have big pleasantly surprised and  gains!
I'm look forward to your early reply.
Best regards,
Sales manager,Martina

Address:No.37 Donghai West Road Shinan District Qingdao City
Fax: 0086-0532-80914117


Here are some docs Martina sent to us.

Here is a quotation from Martina for Aluminum Wheel Scraps.

Thanks for your reply.
we can supply the Aluminium wheel scrap.but could you tell me whydidn't purchasing copper wire scrap from us?
our price is really very competitive,isn't it?

this is the quotation about Aluminium wheel scrap:
price CIF destination port 1250usd/MT,we will accprding to yout packing.

If you have any qurstions,pls contact with me ASAP.
No matter how do you decided,pls inform me your idea,thanks in advance!!!

Best regards,


Pictures from Martina.

I did not have these pictures in my "collections" so we proceeded anyway.  Payment Term is 100% L/C.

this bank information is our bank's head office,but if open the LC,pls according to our bank's information
i resend our bank's information as follows:
Bank name: BANK  OF  CHINA Qingdao Donghai Rd Sub-branch
ADD: Century Mansion No.39  Donghaixi Rd ,Qingdao,China
Swift code: BKCHCNBJ500

Best regards,

We signed the Contract on the August 26, 2013.  We told them that we WILL VISIT the vanning and CIQ Inspection.

L/C was opened on the August 30, 2013.

Please find the L/C copy.

Let us know your vanning date so that we can visit China.  My client needs at least 1 week notice because he needs to get the VISA.  I don
t need a VISA to visit China. 

Please make your appointment with CIQ for 
Weight and Quantity inspection and let us know the date.


Shin Mitsuda

We had been waiting for the "Inspection Date" but no reply.  Now, Matina starts making bunch of excuses.....

2013/10/08 15:35 "tianshan06" <>:
Hi Shin,

Very sorry to reply you late,as you know,we have the long holiday.

my shin,i believe you know that we are a normal company,we can supply all of the documents to indicate that we are a normal firm.
but the key is my manager think the BKK client don't have any sincerely to cooperation with us.
so my manager decided don't accept his visit,but we will operate accoding to LC term,we will do the CIQ inspection and supply the report to he.
if he doesn't accept,i'm only sorry to you

To be frankly,my manager has give up our business except client agree to don't come to china.

Have a nice day,shin

Best regards,

2013/10/08 16:47 "tianshan06" <>:
Dear my Shin,

we really don't want to hide the inspection otherwise we won't supply the test report to you.
the problem is my manager has lost the patience about the BKK client.
our company have so much business,but all of order need to arrange by my manager,due to the time is short,my manager really has arrange the BKK client first,but he insist to visit,lead to we have miss a business.

So,my manager decided to don't accept BKK client's visit.
if he trust us,we can continue our business,i will report to my manager arrange this business again.
if BKK client insist to visit,i'm really very sorry,i won't report anything to my manager.because my manager has to give up this trade.

thanks for your understanding,my shin
Best regards,


Date: 2013-10-08 15:17
Subject: Re: RE: Aluminum Wheel Scrap: Proforma Invoice for Bangkok
Why do you hide CIQ inspection? I don't understand what is your problem.


the problem that you said  is not important,the key is my manager think BKK client don't have any sincerity,inculding you,even doubt our company is illegal.
i solemnly declare that we haven't hid anything!!!!!!!!!

To be frankly,shin
our company really have too many client,so we never have chance to store the product.
so we have so many clients who trust us and know our company,so my manager will arrange other's business first,because he has lost the patience with BKK client.

As you know,i really want to get the bonus.but now,i have no methode to change my manager's idea.
he decided won't accept BKK client visit,but we will ensure the product's quality!because this is the base reputation for a business man.

If BKK client can accept,i'll report it to my manager.otherwise,only sorry...


From: tianshan06 []
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2013 6:18 PM
To: mitsuda
Subject: Re: Re: Aluminum Wheel Scrap: Proforma Invoice for Bangkok


i also don't want to change our story.
and i think you shouldn't blame me.because you change the story first between you and me .

Penang client is our the first client and we have sign the contract,done all of the documents,but finally he just waste our too much time.

for the BKK client,we have sign the contract and decided to cooperation,but he don't have any trust with us.
we have assured that we will done the inspection and supply the report to he,this only in order to waste your and our time
after all,our company have too many client need to care.

finally,i want to you let our BKk client know,if he can accept CIQ report,we will continue our business.
we are still good partner.otherwise,i'm only sorry for he.

Have a nice day,shin

Best rgards.

Martina, we gave you more than 1 month.  We did not receive the shipment.  You did not give us the CIQ Inspection date.  If you are a REAL seller, you don't need to "hide" inspection

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